Through the Dreamgate


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The Twelfth Story in the Adventures of the Ambrosial Dragon: A Children’s Fantasy Series

Landon woke up startled. It’s okay, he told himself. Just another dream, a nightmare about that mummy coming after him.

The eight-year-old boy had been having these dreams ever since returning home from Egypt. He didn’t understand it, because plenty of other magical beings had tried to hurt him over the past seven months or so, and most of the time, that didn’t bother his sleep.

Landon looked around his bedroom. On his bed with him, were all his living stuffed animals, and of course, Buddy the Ambrosial Dragon. They were all asleep. They looked so peaceful. If there was any real danger around, Buddy would sense it instantly and move to protect him and his family.

It was just a dream.

Then why couldn’t Landon get the horrible vision of the decaying mummy out of his mind?

Because it wasn’t just the Mummy’s curse, the one that made the mummy try to kill Dr. Salib’s grandchildren. It was Buddy’s old enemy Tarmreiboth, the Dark Wizard of Setioval. He used necromancy, magic of the dead, along with Dreamtime, to possess the mummy, to try to murder Buddy.

It almost worked, but Landon was able to use his powers to save Buddy, and then the dragon once again trapped the mummy in its sarcophagus, this time permanently, Landon hoped.

Anyway, the mummy was thousands of miles away and even if it got free, it wouldn’t be able to travel to Idaho all the way from Egypt to get him.

Better get back to sleep. School day tomorrow.

As the little boy drifted back into dreamland, the little railway lantern he wore around his neck softly glowed.


The only portal between realities that can never be closed because it is powered by the minds of all the creatures who dream, humans, dragons, wizards, even by dogs and cats.

The Dreamgate can take you anywhere, anywhen, and all you have to do is be asleep and dreaming…

…and possess magic.

And Landon did possess magic. Do did Buddy. So did the mummy. So did Tarmreiboth, though he never remembered using the Dreamgate when he woke up, thanks to Buddy’s spell over him.


Buddy and Landon were back in Dr. Salib’s lab. The mummy was facing them down. The archeologist’s two grandchildren, Adjo and Nuri were unconscious behind them. The mummy was coming closer, but this time, Buddy had the upper hand. The dragon opened his mouth and sprayed white hot flame over the undead creature. It ignited instantly, but so did half the lab.

Grandpa and Dr. Salib had managed to get the door open and pulled all three kids out. Landon hugged his Grandpa tight but when he let go, it wasn’t Grandpa, it was Tarmreiboth.

“No! Buddy! Grandpa! Help!”

Landon managed to get away but he was instantly lost. It was dark. The only light was coming from the tiny lantern he wore around his neck. He was in a black maze. He started running blindly.

“I’m coming to get you, child. You can’t get away.”

“I know I’m just dreaming. If I wake up, he can’t hurt me. Buddy, where are you?”

It seemed like Landon had been running for hours. He was exhausted and terrified. He knew the magician was still chasing him. How was he supposed to get away?

Then Landon was blinded by light. He fell to the ground and covered his eyes. When he opened them again and looked around, he was in the field behind his house.

It had been raining. His pants were wet where they’d touched the grass. He stood up and saw no one was in his backyard, which looked very far away.

“I must still be dreaming.”

He turned back.

Tarmreiboth was only a few feet away, but something was wrong. It was as if he were looking around for Landon, but couldn’t see him. What the heck?

“Now where did that silly boy get off to? He couldn’t have gotten far, not in Dreamtime. In fact, he should be standing right in front of me.”

Tarmreiboth, the dark wizard looked right at Landon but it was as if he were looking right through him. It was as if Landon had become invisible.

Landon decided to test his theory. As quietly as he could, he walked behind the magician, reached out slowly, and pinched his butt.


The wizard spun around rapidly, but by then, Landon had jumped back a few feet and stopped.

“Oh, I see.” Tarmreiboth looked down and saw Landon’s muddy footprints on the ground, and then the wet leaves and blades of grass clinging to the cuffs of his jeans.

“Impressive. So that idiot dragon found a way to make you invisible.”

“He’s not an idiot!” Landon immediately regretted his outburst. The wizard made a grab for him, but the boy ducked and ran the other way. Landon was zigzagging through the field, but he made the tall grass move and his wet footsteps led right to him.

“I’ll get you this time boy, make no mistake.”

The much larger and thoroughly evil man made for the child. Landon couldn’t run away fast enough, but for the first time, he felt the length of the cloak that provided him with his vanishing act.

He came up with a brilliant idea. He took the cloak off and threw it over the wizard.

“Wait! Stop! Where did I go?”

The magic was made for Landon, so mystically, not being able to see where he was or wasn’t putting his feet didn’t bother him. But invisibility made Tarmreiboth clumsy, and he kept slipping and falling in the mud.

“All I have to do is wake up.” Landon was whispering to himself. “No. All I have to do is wake him up.”

Landon summoned his strongest light spell. “Hey, rotten stinking magician. You couldn’t pull a rabbit out of your hat.”

“Is that right, lad? I’ll show you!”

Landon knew Tarmreiboth was looking right at him and caused his light spell to explode like a thousand flash bulbs.

Instantly, he woke up back in his own bed. When Tarmreiboth woke up, it closed the Dreamgate, sending Landon home. Once the dark wizard was awake, he’d forget all about what he’d seen and done, including the fact that…

…Landon looked at the foot of his bed. There it was, all dark and silky. His very own invisibility cloak.

Buddy and the stuffed animals were still asleep so he couldn’t ask anyone about it yet. He looked at his clock. He’d have to wake up in fifteen minutes to get ready for school anyway. Tonight would be soon enough.

Landon got out of bed quietly to use the bathroom. As he walked into the hallway, Buddy opened one eye and smiled.

I started writing this series of stories for my grandson back in August. To read all of them, start with The Day a Dragon Came to Live with Us. Each story ends with a link to the next. Have fun.

The next story in the series is The Invisibles.

2 thoughts on “Through the Dreamgate

    • Dreams and magic are such vague things to the rational, conscious mind, so there aren’t a lot of details to draw from. Yes, Buddy was aware of everything that was happening all the time.

      Side note: Landon has been asking for me to give his “character” and invisibility cloak for weeks. Today, I decided to indulge him.


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