What If Jesus Christ Became King of the World Two-Thousand Years Ago?

I’m having some frustrating connection problems today. I can get to Google sporadically, but I can’t open search results, nor can I get to Amazon. I’ve tried a Windows and Mac computer and multiple web browsers but it doesn’t make a lot of difference. I’ve rebooted my modem a few times and it seems to help temporarily, so I don’t know if it’s my connection or if there’s some sort of horrendous DDOS event attacking part of the internet.

The reason this is particularly frustrating just now is that in one of my Gmail accounts (when I can get to it), I found a Bookbub notice for an eBook called A Time to Every Purpose by Ian Andrew. The Google books blurb says about the book:

After eighty years of brutal Nazi domination millions have been persecuted and killed in a never-ending holocaust. But this oppressive and violent world still retains a few heroes;Now Leigh, the preeminent scientist of her generation, is pitched into the final battle. One that ranges from London to Berlin to Jerusalem. But will she destroy what she loves to save what she can only imagine? After one more murder and one chance remark, now is the time to reset history. The new novel by Ian Andrew.

However, the Bookbub description is more interesting:

Visit an alternate timeline where Jesus was never crucified, leading to 2,000 years of peace — and a society totally unequipped to contend with the rise of Nazism. Will inventor Leigh Wilson destroy everything she knows to reset history?

I’m tempted to buy the book (although since I cannot currently reach Amazon, I don’t know how) just to see how the author pulled off not crucifying Rav Yeshua (Jesus Christ) and yet had him fulfill his role of Messiah in the first century CE (which is what would have to happen for their to be 2,000 years of peace presumably).

On my sister blog Morning Meditations where I write religious commentaries, I’ve asked this same question of my readers. If, instead of the Jewish Messiah King being crucified by the Romans, he started is world-wide reign as King, what would have been his motivation and how would God the Father have consented to this? It would require rewriting, not only significant portions of the New Testament, but the Old Testament as well.

It’s a compelling thought and I’d love to write my version of this story. Ideas?

11 thoughts on “What If Jesus Christ Became King of the World Two-Thousand Years Ago?

  1. I posted some discussion questions on the Morning Meditations blog essay, though I did forget to mention one key consequence: The character known as “Jesus Christ” wouldn’t exist, because the Israeli rabbi Yeshua ben-Yosef would never have been re-interpreted as Christianity did. He would have been an entirely Jewish king ruling the entire world from Jerusalem, and the surrounding nations would have accommodated themselves to that reality and its demands.

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  2. This question has fascinated me off and on since reading it in my email notifications. I’ve come to the conclusion, it couldn’t happen. Peace would have been difficult to cultivate without bloodshed. You recall Judas, who wanted a definitive change, and Peter, who had brought a weapon with him to pray. Even those who lived intimately with Jesus didn’t get the peace part of His mission. As a realtime human King, He’d have been handicapped by humanity. He could have had his legions, but that isn’t what He was here for.
    I’d like to read this, it will be interesting to see how this author changes history. And please God, may others not take this like ‘The Shack’ or ‘The Davinci Code’ or…..


    • Actually, when Messiah returns, there will be war. I suspect he leads Heavens armies against all the armies of the Earth attempting to destroy Israel. Only after that war will there we universal peace, at least for the next thousand years. I mentioned elsewhere that I read something that said if Jerusalem would have repented during Jesus’s Earthly ministry, he would have assumed his role as the warrior King right then, instead of being crucified. It’s difficult to imagine, but there are other possibilities, at least in fiction and if you’re willing to play fast and loose with the Biblical text.

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