When Adam Awoke


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The light was too bright at first but then his eyes adjusted. He took a deep breath and exhaled feeling pleasure at the rise and fall of his chest. He looked at the clacking sound above him. Something turning around and around. A cool breeze came from it. It felt nice.

He sat up and realized this thing in front of him was his. He lifted it up. Moved the digits, Turned it back and forth. It did everything he thought about. He giggled. It was fun.

Another sound to his left. Something opened. Adam was scared. He tried to speak but it came out as a moan. Who’s that?

“There, there, dear boy. Don’t be afraid. I’m your doctor. I’m here to help. My staff and I will take care of you.”

He walked closer. He seemed friendly but Adam was nervous.

“You’re name is Adam. I told you that before when you woke up after the operation. My name is Dr. Frankenstein, Victor Von Frankenstein. I think we’re going to become good friends.

I wrote this for the FFfAW Challenge-Week of September 5, 2017 hosted by Priceless Joy. The idea is to use the image above as the inspiration for writing a piece of flash fiction between 100 and 175 words long. My word count is 175.

To read more stories based on the prompt, go to InLinkz.com.

20 thoughts on “When Adam Awoke

    • Thank you. As I told Varad, the idea just came to me the instant I saw the photo. The environment seemed very sterile and the way the hand was being held was as if it were the first time the person had ever seen it.

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    • Let’s just say it’s a modernized version of the Shelly classic Iain, only this time the good Doctor hasn’t abandoned his creation in horror (that’s exactly what happened in the original Shelley novel but not in any of the old monster movies).

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  1. Interesting way to use the prompt: I can picture the new creation looking at that hand with wonder and confusion.Nice touch, describing how he would view the fan, too. I hope “Adam” works out better for the doctor than his previous attempts…


    • I think Adam hopes so, too. In the original novel, the Creature learned to read and was relatively cultured, but he was also horribly demented because of being abandoned by his creator. Then when he asked for a mate, the good doctor created and then destroyed her because he could not bear to compound his original mistake. If Dr. Frankenstein treats his creation well, the outcome should be better, but then again, created an artificial human life form has a lot of ethical and moral complications, Joy.

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