Getting the Stuffing Out

stuffed animals


In our last adventure, Landon magically discovered what happened to the living stuffed animals but in the process, both he and his friend Ana were transformed into stuffed toys and trapped in the stuffed animal universe.

“Landon! What happened to me? What did you do?”

“I’m sorry, Ana. I was trying to bring the stuffed animals back to life but the spell went wrong somehow.”

“But…but how can I be…stuffed?” Ana looked at her hands in astonishment not recognizing them as her own.

Meanwhile, the living stuffed animals were so happy to see Landon, even as a stuffed boy, that they all crowded around him giving him a big group hug.

“Guys, I love you too, but we have a big problem.”

“Yeah, who’s she?” asked Baby.

“Is this a new friend, Landon?” inquired Ghost.

“Yes, this is my friend, Ana.”

All of the stuffed animals started moving toward the little girl greeting her warmly and trying to give her hugs, but she was too freaked out.

“Easy, everyone. She’s not used to magic. She’s pretty scared right now.”

“Scared? I’m really, really afraid, Landon. Can you turn me back into a person? I’ve got to get back home. My parents will probably call the police or something if they think I disappeared.”

“I don’t know how to yet. I’m not even sure what this place is or how my living stuffed animals can be here when their stuffed bodies are back in my bedroom.”

“Oh that part’s easy,” replied Baby. “You see, when we used up all of our magic to free you from the Five Nights at Freddy’s curse, we thought the magic that made us alive would vanish back to wherever it came from. Instead, we found out magic can’t be destroyed once it’s alive, so we ended up here.”

“In a stuffed toy universe. Can we get back to the real world?”

“We don’t know how, Landon.”

“Landon, do something!”

“I’m thinking, Ana. If only I had my spell book.”

“Oh, it’s right here, Landon,” said Scorch who brought it to him in his two front paws.

“It’s…stuffed. I was near it when the spell took effect. It must have been pulled in here with me.”

“It looks like the words and pictures are still there.”

The boy looked through the book, its pages now all cloth with the front and back covers squishy and plush. As he thumbed through the various spells, Ana’s curiosity overcame her fright and she looked over his shoulder.


“Ana, I’m doing my best.”

“No, it’s not that. I can read your spell book.”

He turned his head to look up at her since he was sitting down and she was kneeling behind him. “What?”

“I can read what’s written in your book.”

“Buddy said that was impossible. You have to be a magical person to read a magical spell book.”

“Maybe it’s because your spell changed me into something else by magic.”

“Could be, but I still need to find something in here that will help us.”

“Can I read with you?”

“I guess. But even with magic, the language of the ancients is still kind of hard.”

“Maybe it’s because of what’s happened to me, but I can read the language just fine.”

“Really? I mean I got stuffed too and it’s not so easy for me.”

“Let me help, okay Landon?”

“Well, sure.”

The two children lay on their stomachs on the soft, comfortable stuffed ground and read together while the stuffed animals all gathered around them.

If they weren’t in such a mess, it would have been fun doing “homework” together.

After a while, Ana pointed to a spell near the bottom of one of the pages. “I think this is it.”

Landon looked. As he had been reading, the ancient language of magic seemed to get easier to understand. “You could be right. Let me give it a try.”

The eight-year-old stood and began invoking the spell. All of the stuffed animals held onto each other hoping this would be their way out. They had missed Landon, Buddy, and the rest of the family a lot, and even though they were all together in the stuffed universe, they weren’t complete.

Landon finished his spell and waited.


“Is there anything else in the spell book?” Landon turned back to Ana who was standing nearby holding the tome. They both looked at the spell again.

“Wait!” cried Buddy. “What’s that?”

Everyone looked in the direction the stuffed giraffe was pointing toward and they saw an enormous stuffed crocodile.

“What is that, guys?”

“We don’t know, Landon,” Baby said shaking. “We’ve never seen it before.”

The giant reptile looked as big as a school bus and was slowly walking toward the group.

“Can you get rid of it, Landon?” Ana was still looking in the spell book.

“I’ll try. Maybe a levitation spell will make it float away.”

The stuffed crocodile opened its enormous mouth revealing rows of large teeth and a deep, dark throat.

But as Landon began his spell in a desperate attempt to save them all, Ana cried out, “Stop, Landon!”

“Why. I’ve got to hurry. That thing is about to eat us.”

“It’s right here in your spell book on the next page. It’s not going to eat us.”

“It sure looks hungry, Ana.”

The girl put the book down and ran over to the Croc.

“Ana! Stop!”

The stuffed animals all gasped in horror, sure that their new friend was about to become crocodile food.

Instead she grabbed one of the large teeth in the monster’s mouth and gave it a squeeze.

“See? It’s stuffed. It can’t hurt us.”

“I still don’t want to be a stuffed boy stuffing the tummy of a stuffed crocodile.”

“Let’s look at the spell book again.” Ana ran back and picked up the book and Landon looked at the page she was pointing to.


He read the second half of the spell. “Oh yeah. I get it. I didn’t finish the spell because it was on the next page.”

Landon turned back to the crocodile who looked like he was about to scoop up the living stuffed animals in his humongous maw. All of them were terrified, but Baby was nonetheless ready to lead a counter-attack to save Landon, Ana, and as many of the animals as possible.

“I’ve got it.” Landon started speaking the ancient mystic language again and then the Croc began to glow.

“Okay, everyone. Hop inside.”

Baby turned to Landon. “You’ve got to be kidding.”

“Nope. Ana’s right. It’s not a crocodile, it’s a stuffed portal.”

All of the stuffed animals looked at Landon and Ana as if they were crazy.

“No, really. Watch.”

Landon took the spell book in one hand and took Ana’s hand with the other and walked into the crocodile’s mouth. They saw a light inside the throat and it got bright enough for the stuffed animals to see, too.

“Landon.” Everyone heard a faint voice coming from the other end.

“It’s Buddy!” Baby recognized the dragon’s voice. “Come on, everyone. Let’s follow Landon.”

Marshaling their courage, the stuffed animals followed Baby who was following Landon and Ana into the mouth of the crocodile. The stuffed reptile seemed to be waiting patiently for them all to hop in.

When the entire group was inside, it closed its mouth but being made of cloth, that barely made a sound. Then everything was dark and quiet.

“Hey, where did the light go?” Batty was used to the dark being a bat, but he didn’t like this one bit.

“It was here a second ago,” Foxy was shaking in his paws at the thought that this was some sort of trap.

“Ana, are you sure…?”

“That’s what the spell book said, Landon.”

Landon realized that while he had been studying magic for over a year, Ana had only read his spell book for about fifteen minutes. What if she made a mistake and he didn’t catch it because he misunderstood a word or two in the ancient tongue?

Then light exploded all around them and they couldn’t see.

When his eyes recovered, Landon saw he was back in his bedroom and Buddy was standing by the door. One by one, each of the stuffed animals stirred back to life. Then they all jumped up and mobbed the boy and the dragon, hugging and kissing them with joy.

It had worked. The spell had worked. The stuffed animals were alive again. Then Landon looked around and saw that Ana was nowhere around. “Ana?”

“Landon.” It was Grandpa. “Telephone.”

Landon walked out of the bedroom while Buddy and the stuffed animals were still laughing, hugging, and talking.

“Here you go.” Grandpa handed Landon his cell phone while they were standing in the kitchen. Then he went back to sitting with Dani on the sofa and she handed the old man another book to read. “Catch, Grandpa,” she giggled as she tossed “Tickle Monster” at him.

“Hello?” Landon walked back into the dark hallway.

“Hi, Landon. It’s me, Ana.”

“Ana! Where are you? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. I reappeared back home in my bedroom. Mom and Dad never even knew I was gone. I told Mom I needed to ask you a question about our math homework. Are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m okay. The stuffed animals all came back to life. Buddy’s with them now. Everything worked out. I’m sorry you got pulled into my spell.”

“That’s okay. Once I stopped being scared it was kind of fun. I’d love to meet your stuffed animals again sometime.”

“They’re really friendly so I bet they’d love to see you, too.”

“Next Sunday?”

“I’ll check with Dad and Grandpa but it’ll probably be okay.”

“Okay, Landon. Thanks for turning me back into a person.”

“I couldn’t have done it without your help.”

“I have to finish my homework now. Bye, Landon.”

“Bye, Ana.”

Landon gave the cell phone back to Grandpa and then returned to his room. The stuffed animals started up a new round of hugs and kisses. They were really happy to be home. Then they went out to the living room to do the same to Grandpa and Dani.

“Sorry about messing things up, Buddy.”

“Okay with me, okay with me. It’s practice. Homework practice. You passed.”

“What? You mean that was all a test.”

“Assignment was to bring stuffed animals alive again. You did. You did.”

Landon and Buddy hugged but the child was a little annoyed that their scary adventure was just another homework assignment. On the other hand, magic was dangerous, so he supposed the homework was too.

Later that night, Landon was under his covers being cuddled by the stuffed animals. As usual, Buddy was at the far end of the bed curled up and softly snoring. The boy couldn’t sleep. There was one question on his mind and he didn’t want to ask Buddy yet. Now that Ana had changed back to a girl, would she still be able to read magic?

I put the relevant links to the most recent story before this one as well as the adventure where the stuffed animals sacrificed their life force for Landon in the body of the story above. As you can see, Ana is being drawn deeper into Landon’s magical world but just how far can she go with her friend? We’ll find out in future adventures.

Welcome to the latest entry in the series of adventures I’ve been writing for my grandson for almost a year-and-a-half now. To read the series from the beginning, go to The Day a Dragon Came to Live with Us. At the bottom of that story is a link to the next. Each subsequent story has a link to the next chapter, so all you have to do is keep reading and clicking and you’ll eventually get back here.

The next chapter in the series is Walking in the Clouds.


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