Update on the “World War Four” Anthology

zpp ww4

Promotional image for Zombie Pirate Publishing’s “World War Four” anthology

Remember a few days ago when I announced that one of my short stories was going to be published in Zombie Pirate Publishing’s anthology World War Four? The accompanying graphic stated that there would be a “Special Guest” author’s work included in the project.

Late yesterday (in my time zone), Adam and Sam at ZPP posted a brief video on Facebook (it should play in a new window or tab when you click the link, even if you aren’t logged into Facebook) announcing the author.

It’s internationally bestselling science fiction author Neal Asher who will have his exclusive novelette, available nowhere else, included in the anthology. I’m totally thrilled.

Learn more about Neal Asher on his Amazon author’s page.

I’ll have an updated graphic posted here and on my Publications page as soon as it becomes available.

asher update

Notice for Zombie Pirate Publishing’s upcoming anthology announcing contributor Neal Asher

neal asher

Internationally best selling SciFi author Neal Asher.

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