“Flash Fiction Addiction” Anthology and a lot of Authors

Do you want to see a lot of names, because this is a lot of names. 101 authors and stories selected for this anthology out of a pool of nearly three times as many. If each writer maxed out the word count of their wee missives at 750, the total would be 75,750, or the size of a novel. Here they all are. I’m in there somewhere. 😉

Look for it on April 15, 2019.


Flash Fiction Addiction table of contents

4 thoughts on ““Flash Fiction Addiction” Anthology and a lot of Authors

  1. While I’m pleased that you’re finally getting your stories accepted by publishers, this particular publication seems dedicated to precisely the kind of extremely-short story that I have found to be so frustrating as you presented examples in response to various topical challenges during the past year or so — not long enough to develop any character or substance. The thought of an entire novel’s bulk of them evokes for me an image of a large bag of cheese puffs — the kind of snack that lacks any nutritive value and what is there in its place is mostly air, fat, salt, and artificial flavor-and-color chemicals that are really something of an assault on one’s health.

    On the other hand, maybe reading it would be no worse than sitting through hours of television commercials advertising one thing or another. I’ve probably done that, discounting a few minutes of various sitcom segments in between. I’m told it’s actually quite a challenge to create a micro-story or image that might catch a consumer’s attention and develop at least some memory of a product that could trigger a future purchase. However, those who write such things rarely have their names made known to the public, nor is anyone likely to look for such a name in order to watch another of their creations, unless it is a marketer seeking a writer for another advertisement.

    Pardon my rant — I guess it’s really a wish for your longer stories to see their fullest development and publication.


    • What? I love cheese puffs. However, the missus doesn’t allow a lot of junk food in the house for the reasons you mention.

      One of the advantages of flash fiction (for the most part) is that they’re quick, sort of like a TV ad where you have to sell your product to the viewer in 30 to 60 seconds. What you said also reminded me that many decades ago at the UC Berkeley theater, on one weekend, they showed hour upon hour of movie trailers as an art unto themselves. I didn’t see this personally, but as we all know, sometimes the best part of a film is the teaser/trailer, so I can see it might have advantages.

      In my case as a “newbie” in the realm of having my fiction published, I’m shooting for as much exposure as I can possibly get. If I can build any sort of audience, by this time next year, I might have enough readers who would actually buy a novel I’ve written simply because they like my writing. Also, I’m finding a lot of networking opportunities in my current endeavors, and meeting many friendly and talented people.


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