Excerpt From My Latest WIP

vampire verona

Found at “Book More Brides”.

I’ve been editing this one for days and it’s close to being finished. Here’s a sample of my latest short story:

It wasn’t a man and there was nothing average about her. The companion lamp to Leah’s on a table at the other end of the short corridor to her room, shone behind the intruder. It illuminated her diaphanous gown, which draped over her lithe curves like a cloud. Her long hair was almost as white and seemed to float around her head. The woman’s pale skin was offset by ravenous green eyes and luscious ruby lips. Her teeth, when she slightly parted them, were pearls.

“Hold it right there, sister. Who the hell are you and what do you want?” The gun in her right hand shook as she trembled, which caught Leah by surprise. Her breathing became shallow, and a horrible feeling or recognition overwhelmed her, though she knew she’d never seen this person before.

“Surely you remember my kiss, delicious one.” She smiled broadly, exposing twin fangs and confirming the worst possible notion of Reese’s fears. The apparition hissed menacingly like a feral animal.

“Vampire.” It came out as a gasp.

“You can put that away. It can’t possibly harm me.”

“What have you done to Effie and Nigel?” She forced courage into her words, terrified that the couple who had volunteered to shelter her were the latest murder victims.
“Nothing at all.” Her hands were placed on either side of the door frame and her hips were cocked to the left. Beneath the gown there was nothing except the shadow of her sensualness. “They have been rendered unconscious. In deference to your sensibilities, I even declined dining on their blood.”

“They’ll be okay?”

“You have my word I have not harmed them, and when they awaken some hours from now, will have no memory of encountering me.”

“Who are you?”

“What’s in a name?”

“Do I look like Shakespeare to you?” Leah was not as brave as her defiant patter sounded, but if she didn’t fight back against the mad emotions coursing through her veins, she felt as if she’d melt like candle wax.

“Cassandra. What may I call you, my tasty little morsel?”

“Leah. What’s it to you?”

“Leah. What a charming name, though like a meal, charm is not why I am here.”


“Hold your weapon if it makes you feel any better.”

The Colt had grown heavy in her hand, a lead monster threatening to consume her strength. She put it in her lap.

“Now to business.” Cassandra put her arms at her side and took two steps into the room.

Leah snapped at the .45’s butt and brought it up again.

“No need to fear. As I said, I’m here on business, not pleasure.”

6 thoughts on “Excerpt From My Latest WIP

  1. Well, you’ve presented another teaser, James, comprising an introduction and no resolution. I must say, though, that I found my attention distracted by the image you included as a companion illustration. I realize that you are not at all responsible for the composition of this image, but I’ll comment on it nonetheless. I note the position of the fangs in place of the secondary incisor teeth rather than what I believe to be their more proper positioning as enlarged canines in the third position from center front. On the other hand, I’m no expert in vampirical dentistry, so perhaps I have no business being bothered by this seeming anomaly. I mention it only because it distracted my attention away from your story, which was sufficiently irritating in its own right for its incompleteness.


    • An excerpt is just that, a sample, a slice of the whole pie. I’m writing it to sell, so I don’t want to present the entire thing on my blog. Anyway, only you would have noticed such exquisite detail in the accompanying image. 😉


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