Livesteam of the Authors of “Impossible Hope” on YouTube


Screen capture from YouTube

A.M. Freeman and the other fine folks from Superversive Press who organized the Bonnie Oliver anthology Impossible Hope, written for the benefit of Bonnie who suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, invited all of the contributing authors to a livestream last Sunday.

I wasn’t able to make it for scheduling reasons, but each of the available writers were briefly interviewed by Ms. Freeman, talking about their stories and why they became involved.

Unfortunately, the podcast suffered from some technical difficulties, not even displaying a picture until about 2:49. In fact, the picture kept coming in and out, along with (briefly) the sound, throughout the recording. Also unfortunately, if you didn’t know about the anthology and just started listening, you would have no idea what people are talking about and why their individual tales were important.

You can find the entire 43 minute video at YouTube.

The only way currently to “buy” the book is to donate on her GoFundMe page. You can donate any amount from $1.00 on up to receive a digital copy. When donations fall off, the book will become available on Amazon. There’s no predicted date for that switch over. There were a lot of authors, including me, who couldn’t participate in the livestream, so in order to hear about our stories, including my contribution “The Switchman’s Lantern,” you’ll have to read anthology.

Please visit Bonnie’s GoFundMe, learn the full story about her struggles, donate, and then read a fantastic and hopeful series of diverse tales. Here’s to “Impossible Hope.”

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