Official Cover Art for “The Toilet Zone”


Cover art for the anthology “The Toilet Zone”

I just received cover art samples for the HellBound Books Publishing anthology “The Toilet Zone,” which features my short story Retired. It looks pretty fabulous in my opinion.


Cover art for the anthology “The Toilet Zone”

Although I can’t find it yet on Amazon, “The Toilet Zone” will be published on August 16th. That’s in one week, friends. I’ll post links when they become available.


Artwork for the Hellbound Books anthology “The Toilet Zone”

5 thoughts on “Official Cover Art for “The Toilet Zone”

    • It’s an interesting anthology. I really didn’t expect them to accept my story since I’m not really a horror writer. It’s sort of a “Hauser’s Memory” meets my Mom’s dementia, meets serial killing and cannibalism. Do you know you can “Google” the taste of cooked human, dogs, and cats, and actually get results? Shocked the heck out of me.

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  1. Hi James! I’m also excited to be in this cool anthology. Was really hoping, though! Your post looks awesome-I put one up on my site as well. It’s great to go from reviewing their books to actually being in one. I didn’t realize it was coming out next week, so thanks for the news on that

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    • Thanks for the comment and the follow, Brian. The notice about when the book would be published was in the email sent out by Hellbound Books, but it would have been easy to miss. I just followed you back in the blogosphere and twitter. Looking forward to reading your story. Cheers.

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