Ships on the Paraguay River at Asunción, Paraguay © Ilkov Filimonov/

Juan’s flight from his native Briviesca to Asunción in Paraguay was grueling, especially after two layovers. He was grateful to find a cab to take him the sixteen miles into the city.

“Senor wants to be taken to the river? No particular place?” What passed for Spanish in this country seemed almost barbaric to Juan.

“Yes, it doesn’t matter.”

The cab driver thought it odd that the Spaniard had no luggage, but Juan wasn’t planning a lengthy stay, or not one the cabbie would understand. As his mind and existence was cast backward, the cab, the buildings, the city itself became increasingly alien.

By the time he found himself standing on the bank of the Paraguay river, in his soul, he was once more the conquistador Juan de Ayolas. He and his company had been murdered by the Payagua in 1537. Today, the resurrected man would begin his quest for revenge.

I wrote this for What Pegman Saw. The idea is to take a Google Maps location/image and use it as the inspiration for crafting a piece of flash fiction no more than 150 words long. My word count is 150.

Today, the Pegman takes us to Asución, Paraguay. I did a quick and dirty Wikipedia read, along with a brief sampling of the article 24 Things to Know Before You Go to Asunción. I discovered Juan de Ayolas‘ life and death and thought I could capture a brief tale of revenge.

To read other stories based on the prompt, visit InLinkz.

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