“Dark X-Mas” Anthology Has Nine 10-Star Reviews!

dark xmas

Promotional image for the published anthology of drabbles “Dark X-Mas.”

The 48 hour promotional offer of Dark X-Mas Holiday Drabbles: 100 Word Holiday Horror Stories is about to end, and I thought I’d do some checking.

Seems the anthology, which features two of my Christmas horror drabbles, has garnered a whole 10 reviews, 9 of them five stars. The 10th is a one star by someone I suspect doesn’t understand the nature of microfiction, but that’s neither here nor there.

The other thing that really surprised me is that it seems to be selling really, really well. I posted a graphic below that tells the tale.

One of the five star reviews mentions a number of the authors the reader liked, including yours truly. It’s the first time in my fiction publication history that anyone has given a nod to any of my contributions. Yes, it feels good.


Screenshot of an Amazon book page

I’ll try to pay more attention to how the anthologies I’m featured in are doing. I have also submitted three new stories for possible publication within the past week. Looking at future stories to write, and while I have the time, I’m also feeling kind of sleepy, so I may just hunker down with reading a book for the evening.

The grandkids are coming over for a sleepover tomorrow night, so I know I’ll be up late.


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