Stop Me From Falling Published in “The Devil’s Doorbell”


Promotional image for the Hellbound Press anthology “The Devil’s Doorbell”

It’s been out for over a month, and I never heard a peep from the publisher. My “signature” vampire romance is one of 16 tales told in Hellbound Books Publishing’s The Devil’s Doorbell: An Anthology of Darkest Romance. For those of you in the UK, here’s where you can buy it.

Plus, here’s an excerpt:

“I’d hoped it was over.”
“I didn’t come here for you, I…” It was another in an endless stream of lies. “I had to see you. Something won’t let me end it. Why won’t you let me go?”
“It makes no sense to be falling. You’ve got her, I’ve got him, you shouldn’t even be calling.”

“Who is he? What if we…I don’t know…run away together?” He knew what madness felt like right then. It wasn’t his voice, they weren’t his thoughts. He loved Lucy, wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He’d do anything for her love. He would leave her in an instant if Dolengen told him to, but it wasn’t right. What happened to Bobby?
“No, Jonny. Lucy is good for you. She’s a good woman. I know. I’ve seen her, talked with her.”
“What?” His heart could have stopped as he envisioned Dolengen and Lucy together.
“I had to be sure because I had to convince you to be sure she’s the one, Jonny.”
“To convince me or yourself?” For the first time, he thought he could see through her bright blue eyes into a fragment of her darkness.
“She is the one for you. I have a sense about people. I’ll tell you the truth. I lifted her credit card from her purse when she was shopping with her sister, then pretended to find it and give it back. They invited me to have a coffee with them. We got to talking. She loves you very much, Jonny. You belong with each other in your world. You should stay away from mine.”
Dol kept slowly walking backward while Jon felt rooted to the spot, a study in granite and tragedy.
“I live in a dark and dangerous realm. You have only seen the smallest portion of it and of me.”
“I’ve seen everything about you. We made love.”
“I used you, Jonny. I didn’t drink with you that night at the bar, and while Lucy and Nina were having their coffees, I let mine grow cold in front of me. There’s only one drink I crave, one food I long for, and for that one night, you shared with me what I needed. Now it’s time for both of us to move on. You have Lucy and the sunlight, and I have only the night.”
“You don’t want what happened to Bobby to happen to you, Jonny.”
“What happened to Bobby?”
“He fell. He belongs to Verona now. Bobby’s one of us. He wouldn’t stay away from her and Verona…well, if you knew her, you’d understand. She likes to keep a few pets.”
Jon held out his arms imploringly, his empty arms, and then dropped them seeing a shadow approaching Dol from behind, a man, tall, just a silhouette, well, at first.
“It is time, my dear. Come.”

The full story is in the Hellbound Press anthology The Devil’s Doorbell.

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