Bloody Valentine Anthology Promo


Promotional image for the anthology “Bloody Valentine.”

Pre-order links for Eleanor Merry Presents Dark Valentine: Holiday Flash Fiction Anthology (US)

And there’s more:


Available for pre-order now for delivery to your Kindle device February 1, 2020. Features three of my stories: “Reaper,” “Playtime,” and “New Heart.”

6 thoughts on “Bloody Valentine Anthology Promo

  1. I don’t celebrate Valentines Day (glitter and candy when someone was martyred). Still, it seems clear the concern another person and I expressed recently was for naught.


    • I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day either, and I know there are objections to the horror genre. I avoid modern horror whenever I can, but I’m still a big fan of those old Universal Studios 1930s through 1950s movies such as Dracula, Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, and so on.


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