Planetary Anthologies “Mars” and “Sol” Available for Pre-Order Now!


Promotional image for the Sol planetary anthology

Fantastic, and totally unanticipated news. As I’ve previously mentioned HERE and HERE, my short stories “The Three Billion Year Love” and “The Pleiades Dilemma” are being published in the Planetary Anthologies “Mars” and “Sol” respectively.

I just found out that the entire Planetary series is available for pre-order now at Amazon.

Sure, “Mars” won’t be available for download to your Kindle device until August 18, 2020, but you can reserve your very own copy by pre-ordering it from Amazon right now.

And while you won’t be able to get your (virtual) hands on a digital copy of “Sol” until November 10, 2020, you can also immediately pre-order it by clicking the link.

For links to each book in the entire Planetary Anthology series, go to Richard Paolinelli’s blog.

Oh, next week, I should have a formal announcement about yet another one of my short stories that’s been accepted for publication. Mum’s the word until the publisher gives me the go ahead to promote it, but this story is quite different, and is reminiscent of a tale I wrote when first starting out, a fantasy piece for Magical Reality. Stay tuned for more.

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