This Probably Isn’t Funny, But…


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…we’ve got plenty of toilet paper in Boise, Idaho.

Addendum – March 13, 2020: Idaho’s first case of coronavirus has just been confirmed. While an Oregon doctor said that 82% of cases are mild, there is also information about how it is different from the flu.

This is off the cuff. No research (or damn little) involved. I’ve been listening to the hysteria over coronavirus for weeks it seems. No cases in my little corner in the world, but I can’t ignore that thousands have died. I also can’t ignore that this isn’t anything like Stephen King’s The Stand, either.

Look, I’m sorry actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson contracted the virus while on a trip to Australia, but on the other hand, being celebrities doesn’t mean they are any more victims than the rest of the world.

My Mom turns 88 this year, so she is part of the population at great risk of death if she contracts the disease. Of course, the independent living facility she’s in is taking all kinds of precautions, including limiting visitors (no Thursday night dinners with her until further notice).

Yes, a pandemic is serious but not the end of the world, at least not for most of us.


Virus comparison chart – Credit: The Jerusalem Post

Heck, this comparison chart makes it sound like getting the flu (which can also be pretty serious) is worse than the coronavirus symptoms.

The fact remains that, according to this story:

“Describing the situation as a pandemic does not change WHO’s assessment of the threat posed by this coronavirus. It doesn’t change what WHO is doing, and it doesn’t change what countries should do,” Dr. Tedros said.

“We have rung the alarm bell loud and clear,” he said.

While declaring the coronavirus a pandemic can sound scary, a pandemic classification is more about how a disease spreads than its severity. Essentially this just means that the disease has been popping up in many countries, not that it’s getting worse.

Also, these sorts of events usually progress in a bell curve, and in China, coronavirus may have already peaked. This isn’t going to get worse and worse until we all die.

Yes, take it seriously, but you don’t have to horde toilet paper and six-packs of beer like it’s about to be the second coming.

Meanwhile, if you feel like your bathroom supplies are getting a little thin, come to Boise. We have toilet paper.

7 thoughts on “This Probably Isn’t Funny, But…

  1. I think Tom and Rita got tested because they were in Australia… not so much sick because they were in Australia. (It’s all over the place… not as much in Africa… and happily, for you, not so much in the Idaho region of the United States.) Now, the two of them have more money than most people and could, theoretically, fly to Atlanta to demand a test. That would be if they felt up to it while being sick and didn’t mind the idea of exposing others while they traveled. Of course, they might have other ways to demand a test without going, in person, to the only functioning site. But, really, other countries are doing more testing. I, myself, don’t plan to be tested even when the test is more accessible. I hope to stay away from any overwhelmed medical situation. The larger hope is that the surging can be kept lower at the height of the bell(s) rather than higher and unmanageable.



    As of today, these two websites show somewhat different-looking maps. I haven’t read the details yet.

    I haven’t cleared off any shelves. But I do have extra of some things. The reason for this is that if I do get sick, I don’t want to have to go shopping and expose others. (Or not have things while I’m sick.)


    • This is from the second link above:

      More than 1,000 cases

      China (80,900+; in Hubei province alone: 67,780)

      Italy (12,400+)

      Iran (10,000+)

      South Korea (7,800+)

      France (2,280+)

      Spain (2,270+)

      Germany (1,560+)

      USA (1,323)

      Between 100 and 999 cases

      Switzerland (652), Japan (639), Norway (632), Denmark (617), Netherlands (503), Sweden (500), United Kingdom (459), Belgium (314), Austria (302), Qatar (262), Bahrain (195), Singapore (178), Malaysia (149), Australia (126), Hong Kong SAR (129), Israel (127), Canada (117)


  3. This part, btw, is a little funny 😆 and quirky:

    Yes, take it seriously, but you don’t have to horde toilet paper and six-packs of beer like it’s about to be the second coming.


  4. A different way of stating the Law of Attraction. The world does not run you. You run you and mechanisms have been put in place by the Universe (God) that allow you to remain healthy should you and your subconscious decide to choose to. Most of us say we don’t want to get sick and die. However, if that is what you think about deep down all the time, then that is what the Universe will attract to you. If is the way things work. I am not saying to ignore taking care of yourself. I am saying watch also what you think about and concentrate on.
    Scott Pam Grout


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