Infestation Anthology Now Available!


© James Pyles

I received an email this morning with a digital copy of this book “Infestation,” published by Terror Tract. I had previously mentioned that this anthology, featuring my SciFi/Horror short story “From Deep Within the Skin,” was available for pre-order on Amazon and would be delivered to your kindle device by March 30, 2020.

I checked again, and it’s available now!

I’m including a photo of my computer screen showing a page from the book, as well as the anthology’s Amazon page.

From the book’s Foreword:

Anyway, the stories in this anthology are stellar. There wasn’t a rough one in the bunch of submissions and that is rare. I have always said quality over quantity but this time I lucked out and really got both. Thank you!!! While editing Theresa and I both agreed that we were just amazed. The creative poetry and the stories in this anthology will introduce you to some new authors but will also remind you of some that have been around and are blessed by their stories often. After reading these stories you won’t want to turn off the lights or go to sleep ever again for fear of an INFESTATION.

I’m looking forward to reading the other stories and poetry this contains. Hope you are, too.

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