Review of “Tales of the Southwest” Mentions My Short Story

About six months ago, I mentioned that my short story “The Strangers” was being published in John Green‘s anthology “Tales of the Southwest,” available at

It’s now also available on Amazon, but that’s not the best news. One of the reviews mentions my story and me by name.


Screen capture of Amazon page

Thank you Kerri for your kind words.

Disclosure: Kerri belongs to at least one private writer’s group I am a member of on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Review of “Tales of the Southwest” Mentions My Short Story

  1. The realization occurs to me that you’re not only a storyteller that I respect, but that you have a penchant for reviewing the work of others. I don’t know why it has taken so long for that particular lightbulb to glow. Perhaps your practice with very short stories serves you well to produce reviews, also. Whether this writing activity or your own growing list of publications may come to generate income I don’t know, but I find that thought intriguing.


    • Thanks. I really appreciate the complement. Spending my few days off from my slave call center job to work on paid, non-fiction writing projects. If I could stack up enough of those, I could work from home full time.

      Yes, I enjoy writing reviews as well as crafting my own tales. From my perspective, being an author has given me additional insights in evaluating the work of others. Sometimes, no matter how well someone uses language and expertly builds their world, the moment the narrative becomes a lecture, the whole effect is ruined. I think that’s why so many very good authors still have trouble telling a good story.


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