“Spring Into SciFi: 2020 Edition” Available for Pre-Order Now!

© James Pyles

Just got the email update from Cloaked Press that the digital copy of “Spring Into SciFi 2020” is available for pre-order now at Amazon. The ebook will be downloaded to your kindle device on April 3, 2020.

My science fiction short story “The Colonists” appears within its pages, and I’m incredibly thrilled.

Now for an offer:

Cloaked Press (and I) is/are looking for readers/fans who would be willing to read an advanced review copy (ARC) in epub or mobi formats and write a review on Amazon.

No, this isn’t a free for all, where I endlessly send these files out to all comers (I would like the majority of people to actually buy a copy). I’m asking a select few of my regular readers (though you may not be regular commenters) on this blog to read the anthology and post a serious, unbiased review (of course specifically mentioning my story would excite me to no end).

Since many of you may be “sheltering in place” due to the current pandemic, this has the bonus of providing you with some additional reading material, a definite plus for SciFi fans.


Cover art for “Spring Into SciFi 2020”

Use my blog’s Contact page to respond to the ARC query and specify which file format type you require. I will send it to you as an attachment in an email.

Exciting times.

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