Download “Clockwork Dragons” Anthology FREE for the Next Five Days!


Announcement graphic from Zombie Pirate Press

You don’t want to miss this promotion. Zombie Pirate Publishing is offering the kindle edition of their anthology CLOCKWORK DRAGONS: A Fantasypunk Anthology as an absolutely free download from Amazon for the next five days.

You can’t beat the price.

Features my steam/fantasypunk short story The Mechanical Dragon:

A 19th century engineer and a maimed dragon wake up in a barren land unknown to either of them. They have one thing in common, the same person murdered them both. Now, the engineer must repair the dragon’s wings with clockwork gears and cogs. The only question they have is should they seek justice…or bloody vengeance?

The tale is part of my wider steampunk universe, which includes my short story The Deseret War currently available in the anthology A Mighty Fortress.

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