Featured on the Zombie Pirate Publishing “Meet the Author” Series


Promotional announcement for the Zombie Pirate Publishing anthology, “Raygun Retro”

As my regular readers know, my short story “Buried in the Sands of Time” is being featured in the Zombie Pirate Publishing SciFi anthology RAYGUN RETRO: A Science Fiction Anthology.

I was recently interviewed as one of the contributors to “Raygun,” and that interview has since been published on ZPP’s Facebook page. Here’s an excerpt:

– Hi, what is your name and where are you from?

James Pyles. If you mean where was I born, that would be Omaha, Nebraska, USA. If you mean, where do I live, after quite a bit of wandering, my family and I settled near Boise, Idaho.

– Tell us about your story. What inspired the idea?

Since I started reading and watching science fiction in the 1960s, including a lot of the 1950s B SciFi films, “retro” wasn’t that hard for me. All I had to do was dig into my childhood. Actually, the characters came before the story, but once I connected them to the anthology’s theme, I mined the rich field of old school science fiction, some material going back to H.G. Wells.

– Who are some of the main characters in your story and how did you invent them?

That’s complicated. The character of Major Henry Moore was inspired by real life…

To read the full interview, go to the Zombie Pirate Publishing’s Facebook page.

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