“The Apollo Containment” Accepted into Lockdown Sci-Fi #3



Promotional image for the Black Hare Press anthology “Lockdown Sci-Fi #3”

Black Hare Press is producing a number of “lockdown” anthologies, all based on themes of SciFi, Horror, Fantasy, Phantom, and Paranormal Romance. My short story “The Apollo Containment” was just accepted into Lockdown Sci-Fi #3 (on that page, keep scrolling down).

This is part of an ongoing submission call that will remain available as long as we’re all in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, I’ve only submitted one story, but I suppose I could craft a few others.

My story is based somewhat loosely on the Apollo 14 astronaut quarantine. I fictionalized the astronauts as well as the events, but if you dig into some of the details I presented, you’ll find that they are (or should be) accurate. Apollo 14 was the last Moon mission where astronauts were put in quarantine, and as with the other, previous flights, nothing unusual happened…in real life.

When I get more information about this specific anthology, I’ll go ahead and share it. Looking forward to seeing this one appear in print.

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