Featured Author for the Black Hare Press Anthology “Lockdown Sci-Fi #3”


Promotional image for the Black Hare Press anthology “Lockdown Sci-Fi #3”

I’ve already mentioned that my short story “The Apollo Containment is being published in the Black Hare Press anthology Lockdown Sci-Fi #3. Here’s the graphic featuring me as a contributing author.

Oh, excerpt:

“Frankly, rows of supercomputers and the best medical experts in the country are still stumped. We know that Captain Downey’s biological processes are undergoing a radical change. His lungs are 20 percent less efficient at processing oxygen, but there’s some indication that he might be capable of respiration of a thicker medium, possibly liquid.”


“We’re not sure yet. Besides that, his eyes are showing characteristics of vision outside the usual visual wavelengths. Without testing, we can’t be certain, but possibly he could see into the infrared and ultraviolet range.”

“What the hell does it all mean?”

“Well…” Johnson’s voice faded, and there was some background murmuring as he consulted Fuller.

“It’s okay, gentlemen. We discussed this earlier with Commander Peters and Lieutenant Martin.” Bowen kept his attention on Downey while still quietly giving Carpenter instructions.

“Yes, sir. Well, on a fundamental level, we believe Captain Downey is no longer human.”

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