Edited Means Moving Forward

Screenshot from my computer.

Yes, it’s a bland image to be sure, but writing fiction isn’t all fun, games, and glory. Once a story is accepted, or in this case two, it doesn’t mean what you’ve submitted to the publisher is perfect. It just means that it’s a good story (well, I hope that’s what it means).

It also means that someone is going to go over your story with the proverbial fine-toothed comb, pointing out issues, everything from word usage to punctuation.

Over the years, mainly when I was writing text books, I learned that when editors made comments, you accepted them because it didn’t matter either way, you accepted them because you realized the editor was right, you negotiated because you might have a point the editor didn’t see, and then you really negotiate because what they want you to change you can’t live without.

If you, the author, really do have a point, most editors will listen. Stories are moving forward. Time to start writing fresh ones again.

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