I Made the Cover!


Cover image for the anthology “Fantastic Schools, vol 2”

As I mentioned before, my short story “Sorcery’s Preschool” was accepted into Volume 2 of the Fantastic Schools anthologies (I’m told there will be a volume 3 as well). Today, I found out my name made the cover, as you can see above.

That’s pretty thrilling. Not sure yet exactly when the book will be available for pre-order, but here’s an advance taste:


“I’m here, sweetheart.” Angelique knelt. “I love you, baby.”

“But you want me to stop using magic like you did.”

“I want you to be happy, but I also want you to be safe.”

“Miss Siegel says my magic is safe when I’m with her. She lets me do stuff you and Daddy won’t. She says Daddy’s just a pleb, and he doesn’t love me because he’s afraid.”

“That’s not true, darling.” Scott got down on the floor next to Angelique. “We love you very much.”

“But you’re scared of me.”

“Sometimes I don’t understand what you can do, but I’m not afraid of you.”

“Liar!” Caressa pointed an accusing hand at him. “You’re always afraid of what you don’t understand. I see you edging closer, Agatha Pye. Not one more step. Emily is still under my control.”

“Meaning you’ll hurt her if I come nearer.”

“Miss Siegel wouldn’t hurt me.” Then Emily gazed up questioningly at the teacher. “I want to go home now. Why haven’t the rest of the kids come back inside yet?”

“If you go now, Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma will never let you return. They’ll take you away from me forever. Do you really want that?”

“Emily, we’re your family. We love you,” Agatha implored.

“I love you, but I love my Miss Siegel, too.”

“I told you, Pye, not another step.” Siegel raised her hand again. This time, her gesture doubled over the older woman. Angelique started to get up, but her mother waved her back.

“Grandma!” Emily tried to jump forward as Caressa grasped her arm, holding her fast.

“No, you don’t. I said you were coming with me.” Looking past the trio, she saw a group of figures approaching. “Applegate, keep them back unless you don’t care what happens to Emily.”

“You said you wouldn’t hurt me.” The smoke threatened to become an engulfing whirlwind.

“This is for your own good. Trust me.” The diabolical door behind Siegel opened, this time to a dark abyss. “I’ll take you someplace safe.”

“I want to go home.”

“Your home is with me.”

“No. I want Mommy and Daddy. I want them now.”

Agatha raised her head, this time her eyes inviting Emily to rebel.

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