More Crimes, This Time By World Fantasy Con 2020

I came across this thanks to a tweet by Jon Del Arroz. Apparently Jane Dismantle White Supremacy tweeted a complaint to the World Fantasy Con 2020 about how incredibly offensive their panels were, or at least how offense their descriptions were. You can find the letter on Google Docs, but I took screenshots of all of the tweets responding to her to date and the entire letter in case she decides to delete them (that happens occasionally).

Here’s the letter.

Apparently, she’s not worried about being trolled since she included not only the URL to her website, but her email address.

Look, it’s not like I want to be unfair, but as Kunchok Tendar said in his tweet, the most offended people seem to be woke white people. Miyuki Jane Pinckard (she/her) definitely put a lot of thought and effort into her letter, and apparently the people running the Con took it very seriously (or they worded their tweet that way).

This reminds me of the WorldCon 76 Implosion in which similar complaints were made requiring the Con to completely retool their program. I guess it ended well, but it happened again at this year’s WorldCon thanks to George R.R. Martin, I suppose.

I just want to know how far do these events have to go to appease the slights some people experience. Yes, it’s one thing to go out of your way to upset or offend people, but as far as I can tell, the worst thing this “program” did was to assume that most of the audience would be white and straight (I guess “straight” covers both “heteronormative” and “cisgender” – both of which my spellchecker says are not words). On the other hand, I don’t know how I’d receive the information if I were a POC.

After I publish this blog post, I’ll probably retweet the author’s tweet, which will notify her, and then I’ll prepare to be blocked once again (still amazed Jeannete Ng hasn’t blocked me yet). Diversity and inclusion only includes agreeable voices (though I might not have room to talk since I’ve had to moderate all of the comments on this blog).

Addendum: I went back to this person’s twitter feed. The original tweet was October 5th. Since then she’s enlisted the assistance of another person who I think blocked me (have to login to twitter to check) K Tempest #WakandaForever Bradford. Just checked. She hasn’t blocked me, which is surprising, but then again, after our last little online “encounter,” I don’t have much to say to her.



Screenshot from twitter

She goes on a fairly long rant from there. She was good about writing the blog based on all this (Oh wow is she verbose. TLDR). Frankly, this is a very different view of the con than what I have been led to believe. I thought all these cons were biased in exactly the opposite direction. I don’t know where the differences in perspective are coming from.


Screenshot from twitter

You can find Grandma’s Cutlass HERE for more, or read her resume, although it’s really just a “contact me” page with a small snippet of text.

Why am I writing all this? Am I a racist? I don’t experience myself as such, although I don’t doubt each person I cited would instantly believe so upon reading this blog post. Maybe the Con could do a better job at inclusion, but if that’s true, why don’t they? I mean, the way SFF is shifting and the criteria a creative person has to fulfill, both in the content of their story and in their “identity,” in order to even be nominated for one of their awards, let alone to win one, certainly is shifted in a different direction than these people indicate.

I just want to know when we can ALL have a seat at the table and ALL creative contributors are welcomed, not just “the cool kids?”

Oh, I found out I can make the classic WP editor come back if after publishing, I select Classic Editor and not Quick Edit.

In other news, I stopped editing this blog while I was still having problems with the editor because my son and his family came over for dinner. Had a good time afterward playing Star Fluxx and later getting in some “baby time.” Youngest granddaughter is now two months old and cuter than ever.

10 thoughts on “More Crimes, This Time By World Fantasy Con 2020

  1. Oh, not sure what happened, but the formatting looks to have gone sideways. Your commentary shows up as block text with a side scroller on my feed.

    This new editor is not user friendly. 😦


  2. It appears to me that all this began with one person’s delusion and judgmentalism. That person took offense because of “concern” that others might do so. My immediate reaction was an internal question about who do they think they are to judge the internal motivations or perceptions of those who wrote the panel descriptions, or the reactions of those who might read them. That’s a terrible lack of humility, and a questionable sense of reality. If someone chooses to take offense, let them do so for themselves. They don’t need any help from this judgmental complainer’s indignation. What this boils down to may be expressed as: “I didn’t like this wording, and I want everyone else to hate it also based on my condemnation of it.” That is hubris of the highest order. This complaint is based upon utter presumption. I doubt that the writer would like to be condemned and excoriated by anyone’s inferential construal of their particular word choices. But, then, I don’t suppose the writer includes within their superego structure the voice of Rabbi Hillel who proposed that one should not do to another what they themself would not wish done to them. [;)]


      • Notably, naming Hillel isn’t the same as doing as he recommends; nor does naming antisemitism mean the person so naming isn’t, himself, engaging in it. Likewise, supposedly decrying being binary doesn’t absolve one of enforcing a binary. Looking askance at those overly offended doesn’t really inoculate you from ongoing expressions of your own sense of offense being noticeable. And using the word “facts” doesn’t equal the sharing or internalizing of facts. Meanwhile, I’m not commenting on any fantasy or other “Con” as they don’t matter to me. I am seeing through to the end the watching of a work (series) of fiction, in a horror genre. As the weeks go on, I see that I’m not entertained even if I can get through it (which I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to try until recently) and mostly, now, as a curiosity because of many other people being enthralled… plus my motive to analyze the messaging. I think the series fits as fantasy since magic is involved, but I find magic to be non-nourishing and distasteful.


  3. AT the end of 2019 I decided I was done wasting my time on these people. I can see my decision was a wise one.

    There is a certain sub-set that exists only to be offended so they can go on Twitter and wail about how they have been harmed by words that do not mean what they have now assigned them to mean. We are all supposed to accept these new definitions and are racist (or insert whatever -ist may apply here) if we choose to continue using the centuries-old definitions.

    They are a tiresome lot and I an well rid of them.


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