Why So Binary?


Screenshot from twitter

First of all, I totally hate this new WordPress editor, absolutely hate it. Why can’t I choose to have my old editor which I knew so well?

Anyway, I hope you can see the image I selected because I can’t. It’s a screenshot of my original screenshot of Representative Dan Crenshaw calling out former Vice President and current Presidential candidate Joe Biden on something he said that, in my opinion as well as Mr. Crenshaw’s is absolutely untrue.

I posted it to Joe Biden’s twitter account. True, Biden is unlikely to see it, and like a lot of politicians and celebrities, he probably has one of his public relations staff running the account and rarely if ever tweets himself. But I figured, what the heck.

Then, one of my twitter followers saw it and went pretty much off the rails. You should be able to see that too in the image as well as my attempt to reply. Unfortunately, she blocked me before I could. I guess that’s that.


Screenshot from twitter

I’m not watching the debate tonight. In fact, I was planning on going to bed before this whole twitter thing since I have to be at the brick and mortar office tomorrow morning. It does seem though that depending on your politics, you either think Pence is winning or Harris. Obviously, I can’t tell. After watching Trump and Biden go at it last week, I decided I didn’t need that again, although I’m surprised to hear that Pence isn’t a lot calmer. I didn’t expect him to try and talk over Harris, but then again, only some people believe he is.

The point is that we don’t have to let politicians decide what we think and how we feel. It’s possible to be critical of both Trump and Biden. It’s possible to wish that there were other credible options for being President. I didn’t like my choices four years ago and opted out of both. I’m probably going to do the same this year. Frankly, I don’t believe (just my personal opinion) that either person is a good fit for President, and I’m particularly annoyed at the obvious bait and switch Biden and Harris are pulling. Who’s willing to believe that Biden isn’t going to bow out of his Presidency early, leaving it to Harris?

Okay, let’s see if WordPress will let me publish this thing with their dodgy controls.

Oh, and if you happen to know https://twitter.com/DRBWrites16 on twitter, tell her no hard feelings, at least from me.


6 thoughts on “Why So Binary?

  1. One: Yes, we can be critical of both Trump and Biden. Both are sad, sad excuses for presidential candidates.
    Two: Yes, a madman must’ve designed the new WP interface. It’s the most counterintuitive editor I’ve ever seen, and I worked in the insurance industry, so I know bad IT design.

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  2. I’m so sick of politics, I’ve been avoiding FB for more reasons than I can’t stand the ‘new’ set up. I also don’t care for the way WP is working. It posts comments twice and then jumps back to one. It is just odd.
    I’m pretty sure we will just need to get used it both programs, I don’t know what to say about the persons running for the most important office in the US. The whole world is watching and waiting and worrying and I just want to cry.


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