Donate using Ko-Fi and Buy Me a Coffee

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I came across Ko-Fi by accident. I happened to click a link on the twitter account of someone I follow and discovered it.

Ko-Fi is a different sort of model for supporting an artist’s or writer’s work. Unlike, Patreon, I don’t have to constantly create new content that only my Patreon subscribers can see.

With Ko-Fi, people can make a one time donation and it’s always $3 USD or about the price of a cup of coffee. You can donate once or as many times as you want. Pretty simple.

I found a review of Ko-Fi at Rebecca Spelman’s blog. She’s a young content marketer and student from Cork, Ireland, and she wrote a really nice review and comparison to other, similar platforms. Her review will tell you everything you need to know about Ko-Fi.


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Ko-Fi doesn’t charge fees, at least the free version doesn’t, which is fine by me. Also, at my level of development as an indie science fiction, fantasy, and horror writer, I’m not imagining I’m going to get rich off of donations, or even make a living wage. However, if anyone really wanted to do the equivalent of giving me a three dollar tip, I’m perfectly fine with that, too.

I put a link to donate at the top of my About page as well as the footer of the blog, but I those areas are pretty obscure. My menu is hidden and I don’t imagine too many people open it to discover what’s inside, so I didn’t put a link in there.

Starting with 2021 Helicon Award Winner for “The Three Billion Year Love” and going forward, I’m putting the “donate” link at the bottom of each article and story.

If you enjoy my work and want to tip me for it, CLICK HERE and buy me a coffee. I take it black.

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