Planetary Anthology Saturn Available Now!

Promotional image for the Planetary Anthology “Saturn”

It’s here. The Tuscany Bay Press Planetary Anthology Saturn is available for immediate purchase. As you know having read my previous announcements, it features my science fiction time travel story “Saving the Apostle,” the act and consequences of rescuing the Apostle Paul from execution at the hands of the Romans.

If you’re interested, there’s a panel discussion on YouTube (almost 2 hours long) going into the details of the anthology:

The anthology’s cost is modest and, like the others in the series, entertaining. Remember, the sister anthology Mars showcases my 2021 Helicon Award Winning short story “The Three Billion Year Love.”

Read “Saturn” and don’t forget to write a review. Authors love that sort of thing.



Promotional image for the Planetary Anthology “Saturn”

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