“Homeward” Featured in the Deep Space Vol 2 Anthology


Promotional image for my short story “Homeward” to be featured in Deep Space volume 2

I finally got the “go ahead” to announce that my nearly 10,000 word count science fiction story “Homeward” is being featured in the Black Hare Press anthology Deep Space Volume 2.

Here’s a wee sample:

“The humans arrived first.” The others in the Kuq’od didn’t hear the statement so much as partook of the conception, savored it, evaluated the expression, compared it to the perception of the approaching vessel and particularly its contents.

It wasn’t eyes that detected the small spacecraft as it approached the goal of its long voyage, it was a sense of what the vessel emitted into the universe, infrared radiation, radio transmissions, electrical expenditure, and particularly the unique signature of organic life.

“We must be ready. We must prepare them to be ready.”

“The humans may have arrived first but the advent of the Merge is imminent.”

Surrounded by darkness and continually feeling the pull of the nearby ringed gravity well, the Kuq’od, or what remained since it had dwindled during the long captivity, became active and even frantic, and particularly the Three experienced profound anticipation at the first introduction to their own kind.

The book is available for pre-order now and will be delivered to your Kindle device May 11, 2021.


Promotional image for my short story “Homeward” featured in the anthology Deep Space volume 2

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