“7 Deadly Sins” Reviewed at “Damaged Skull Writer” Blog


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I’m very happy that my fellow author Brian – James, otherwise known as “Damaged Skull Writer” reviewed the Terror Tract Publishing horror anthology 7 Deadly Sins.

It features my short story “The Babel Project” (Pride). The review states in part:

The Babel Project by James Pyles is probably my favorite story in the anthology. It’s an excellent piece that combines elements of science fiction, social-political commentary, and horror to create a thought-provoking tale that is painfully close to reality.

Read the full review yourself. The anthology has been available since May of last year (speaking of horror), and while not every Amazon reader thought it was their proverbial cup of tea, maybe it’ll be yours.

Also, don’t forget to sample some of “Damaged Skull’s” blog as well so you can find out what he’s been up to.

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