My Interview About “The Haunted Detective”

Cover image for the anthology “The Trench Coat Chronicles”

Once upon a time, I wrote a story about a private detective named Margie Potter. She lived and worked in San Francisco in the year 1947. The original story was really “adult oriented” and “gritty” but the people who wanted to publish it wanted something more “Young Adult” themed. That, plus the word count restriction, made me cut the story in half. Fortunately, it still worked.

Then the publishers Ann and Ruth wanted to interview me. No, not just me, but all of the authors featured in the anthology The Trench Coat Chronicles. So here we are at last.

To read my interview and the interviews of the other writers with whom I am honored to share a book, go to Gemini Wordsmiths. Click on my name and see the conversation.

Oh, and if you love murder mysteries and trench coats, give the anthology a whirl. I promise, you won’t be disappointed, especially from my own short story “The Haunted Detective.” After you read my wee little tale, answer a question for me. Should Preta still haunt Margie in future adventures?

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