Standing Up Against the Bullies

A couple of days ago, I posted a commentary about COVID and vaccines and I took great pains to shield the source of my conversation.

But when I woke up this morning and checked in on twitter, I found that the “haters” had discovered my commentary and decided to call me a bunch of names. No, it had nothing to do with “science” or “evidence.” It had everything to do with them being bullies.

I periodically realize this but never mention this for some reason.

Oh, I know the reason.

When I was a kid, I was sick, not good at sports, and a bunch of other things. And because of that, I was bullied. I was called names and even beaten up. That’s why I like the movie version of Steve Rogers. He was bullied and beaten up too, just because he was small and sick. But he never ran away. I’m through with running from these jerks, too.

The virtue signalers today are the same sort of person. They call me names and they’d hurt me if they could reach me. They’re bullies but this time I’m an adult and I can fight back against the bullies.

The screenshots I posted above show you who and what they are. The other day, I tried to conceal identities because I wanted to be right and I wanted to be fair, but no more. They came after me, not because I called them out by name, but because they need…they absolutely need to be not only “right” but obeyed.

I refused, and for that I was accused of wearing a “tin foil hat.” As if tin foil has ever been made in decades.

Yes, this is a rant, but it’s my blog so I get to rant here. I get to rant on twitter too until they pull the plug on me. But until they do, I’ll continue to have a voice. Even the nice people on the left only tolerate me, even when I like them a lot.

It’s like when I was in high school. You can be a good person, you can be nice, but unless you kiss the ass of the cool kids, you’ll always be called a loser…even when you’re not.

I’m not, but someone’s got to stand up for the little guys and against the bullies.

Oh, and Shecky boy (yes, I can see your tweets when I ‘m not logged in and gee, what a stereotype you are) decided to block me. Gee, what a hero.

Addendum:. This makes so much sense, What Was Your Woke Breaking Point?.

Addendum 2: 3-22-2021:  Apparently, they keep wanting to pester me on twitter for some reason. I guess they’re bored.



4 thoughts on “Standing Up Against the Bullies

  1. Rando Paolinelli? Hmmmm, I may have to work that one is as a character in one of my books, lol.
    That might be the brightest thing Jabba The Hut’s Stunt Double has ever written. Likely why he hasn’t written a single novel in his entire 60+ years life while I am about to release number 12 since 2015.


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