How to Become “Famous” at your Day Job


Promotional image from my day job

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With more people getting vaccinated and COVID restrictions easing off, I’m back at the brick and mortar office part time. I could be back there full time, but it’s more convenient for me to have a hybrid schedule that I can control, and my employer is very gracious.

Anyway, I do tell anyone at work who has an interest that I’m a published textbook writer as well as an author of over thirty science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories. A few people are actually impressed.

One of them is “Baxter,” and among her other duties, she creates and maintains the internal slideshow that is displayed in our corporate headquarters on monitors such as those in the break rooms.

Once Baxter found out I was a writer (and not just the “technical writer”), and I showed her my Amazon Author’s page, she took it upon herself (she did tell me first) to create a slide promoting me in front of the whole corporate staff. The image you see above is what she did.

No, I don’t have people flocking to me, even when I’m in the office, inquiring about my writing. But it doesn’t hurt to spread your name around a bit and then see what happens.

3 thoughts on “How to Become “Famous” at your Day Job

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