How a Tweet on Trying to Prevent “Zoombombing” Got Me Suspended on Twitter

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Screenshot from my email.

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Yesterday, I put up a tweet on twitter questioning the security of the app Zoom and a link to a source I found on LinkedIn showing how “zoombombing” was used for anti-Semitic purposes. Today, I found I was suspended from twitter because of that tweet, but twitter won’t tell me why.

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Screenshot from my email.

Rather than give in and delete the tweet, I appealed it so I don’t have access to my twitter account until however long it takes for twitter to review my appeal. My twitter account is still accessible by others, but if you tweet to me, I won’t able to answer. I checked the account via a Shadowban Tester and it said everything was fine. Go figure.

Oh, along with the message, here’s the link I put in the tweet: How to Prevent “Zoombombing.” It’s from the Anti-Defamation League, which has a long history of fighting antisemitism.

I searched for my account from another account (Shhhh) and found others can access it.


Screenshot of my twitter profile from another profile.

Of course, anything anyone tweets to me will go unanswered until twitter sorts things out (however long that will take).

I wouldn’t mind so much, except I didn’t say or do anything wrong. Twitter’s algorithm must be wonky. I can only hope that a human being will see this and decide it was a mistake. If my tweet somehow violated some rule, then I can only conclude twitter is crazy.


One thought on “How a Tweet on Trying to Prevent “Zoombombing” Got Me Suspended on Twitter

  1. Out of twitter jail. They were supposed to have informed me of their decision via email and didn’t. When I tried to login to my twitter account, I got a message saying I could access it again. No apology. No saying “we were wrong.” Just high tech arrogance at its finest.


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