“The Wild Magic Bundle” is Coming Your Way!

story bundle


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As some of you may know from reading my blog, my short story “No Place Like Home,” which is loosely based on the ending of the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, is featured in Blackbird Publishing’s fantasy anthology Magicks & Enchantments edited by Jamie Ferguson.

That anthology is now part of The Wild Magic Bundle. According to the blurb:

The Wild Magic bundle holds ten volumes of the magic. Ten books about what we find after we have passed through the illusion that we can live without wonder in the world, and come out the other side.

Pack your bags, put on your good walking shoes, and make sure you bring plenty of water. We’re going out into the wilderness, and who knows when we’ll be back?

Read more about the 10 books (three StoryBundle exclusives!) in the bundle here, and make sure to…

Read “How It Works,” peruse “Selected Reviews,” and if you so desire, purchase the bundle.

The bundle offer is available until July 14, 2021, which means you’ve got just a little over two weeks (as I write this) to take advantage. So click the link and discover how to set your own price for purchasing all ten fantasy tomes.

As part of the offer, Jamie is going to interview me, so “stay tuned” for that.

Cheers and try to stay cool.

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