To Be Published in “Fall into Fantasy 2021”


Proposed cover art for “Fall into Fantasy 2021”

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Since 2019, my short stories have appeared more or less regularly in the Cloaked Press anthologies Spring into SciFi and Fall into Fantasy.

I’m proud to announce that my urban fantasy tale “Theo Klaaggorn, Private Eye” will be appearing in the upcoming “Fall into Fantasy 2021.”

Here’s a small preview:

I left the werewolf in my car, and with a fairy in my jacket pocket, shuffled short, stubby legs across the street. It was a rundown North Las Vegas neighborhood and I was at the front door of one of the trashier shacks. Just half an hour past sundown, and I was hoping I could get to the Lillian before the vampires did. If we were too late, Angie would probably be sent up for life and I’d have let down a five-year-old kid who deserved to have her Mom back.

“Theo, I can hardly breathe in here.”

Maddy was all of five inches tall and me being only four feet taller, she made a big lump in my sports coat.

“Shut up.”

My chunky fingers reached for the doorknob and turned. I pushed it open slowly and peeked inside. Not a creature was stirring, which I hoped was a good thing. Then I saw her.

Lillian was lying at the far end of the tiny living room by the entrance to the kitchen, scarlet oozing from the wounds on her throat.

I’d only walked in a few feet when the lights went out and the door slammed shut behind me. One must have been waiting outside and he threw me forward like a basketball. The other two lurched in from the kitchen. They had me pinned to the floor just like that. I couldn’t tell if Maddy was still with me, but one of the attackers put a bony knee on my chest. There was enough light filtering in from outside for me to see his face. It might have belonged to an angel, except when he opened his mouth, twin fangs turned him into a monster.

Look for “Fall into Fantasy 2021” coming to you September 21, 2021.


Author’s list for the anthology “Fall into Fantasy 2021”

I’ll provide more details as they come in.

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