“That Which Burns” Accepted Into “Winter of Wonder”


Cover art for Winter of Wonder 2021

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My short story “That Which Burns” has been accepted into the Cloaked Press anthology “Winter of Wonder 2021.” Already several of my tales have been published in Cloaked Press anthologies Spring Into SciFi and Fall Into Fantasy. These anthologies come out annually (Spring and Fall) and this is the first time “Winter” has appeared. I’m so excited.

The publisher is still waiting for the last two author responses, but so far, the line up is:

Shane Porteous
Andrew P. McGregor
Barend Nieuwstraten III
James Pyles
Betsie Flynn
Alex Minns
Toshiya Kamei
Ioanna Papadopoulou
J. F. Sebastian
Ceilidh Newbury
A. R. Turner
Vincent Morgan
Frank S.

The theme for this edition was superhuman people. I had a story already available involving a Firestarter. Call it a Christmas horror story, which fits the winter season perfectly.

Look for “Winter of Wonder 2021” on December 21, 2021. I’ll provide more details and possibly an excerpt as the date draws nearer.

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