Publications in 2021 and the Impending New Year


© James Pyles

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I’ve noticed other indie authors doing this sort of thing, creating a graphic representation of the books and stories that were published in the past year. Sounded like an interesting idea, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I’ve already posted the graphic on social media, but thought I’d add some details for my blog readers.

Here’s a list of my publications from the beginning of 2021 to the end:

Planetary Anthology Saturn from
Tuscany Bay Press includes my short story “Saving the Apostle”

Spring Into SciFi: 2021 Edition put out by Cloaked Press features my steampunk time travel story “Wayback”

Magicks & Enchantments distributed by Blackbird Publishing has my Wizard of Oz-based fantasy “No Place Like Home”

DEEP SPACE 2: An Adventure into Science Fiction published by Black Hare Press includes my SciFi tale “Homeward”

Online publication The Green Shoe Sanctuary published my short story “Woman Under Repair” in three parts.

Exploring Infinity edited by Richard Paolinelli has my short story “The Last Astronaut”

Fall Into Fantasy: 2021 Edition of Cloaked Press includes my urban fantasy short story “Theo Klaggorn, Private Detective”

Time’s Abyss released by Black Hare Press is my first SciFi Novella.

Discordia: Stories of A World In Chaos from Dastaan World features my short story “The Unreal Man”

Meteor Fall: An Anthology of The Collective by Cloaked Press has two of my short stories in their “shared universe” series: “The Sins of the Fathers” and “Eden and the Starcat”

Ice is my first self-published SciFi/Fantasy novella.

Winter of Wonder: Superhuman: 2021 Edition published by Cloaked Press includes my Christmas horror short story “That Which Burns”

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year of 2022.

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