“The Fallen Shall Rise” is Here!


Cover art for “The Fallen Shall Rise”

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My science fiction novella The Fallen Shall Rise published by Starry Eyed Press for their 224-Verse series is here.

Jepheth Shinzi, archeologist on the rigid backwater Kaamus star system, discovers a controversial anomaly when scans taken of space match up with 3,000 years worth of cultural mysteries.

Fearing being labeled a traitor to his government, he proceeds to share the findings in confidence before the evidence becomes overwhelming and the situation warrants in-person investigation.

There appears to be an ancient gate in deep space and it’s emitting an energy signal.

For a buck (that’s one dollar in American English), you can read and own this novella. At the risk of being biased, it’s worth it. Oh and don’t worry. I and a bunch of other writers have only scratched the surface of this universe.

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