My Novelette “The Fallen Shall Rise” is FREE Starting February 14th

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My SciFi space opera novelette The Fallen Shall Rise is available as a FREE download from Amazon onto your kindle from today, February 14th (a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your science fiction friend or companion) through the end of the week on the 18th.

This book is part of the 224-verse as published by Starry Eyed Press.

It ends somewhat on a “cliffhanger” (well, not exactly), so I’m in the process of finalizing my draft of its sequel and my first novel, currently called “The Second War”, although things are still a bit fluid.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in “Fallen”:

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Read “The Haunting of the Ginger’s Regret” for Free, It Now has Two 4-Star Review, Plus a Video

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“The Haunting of the Ginger’s Regret” now has two 4-star review on Amazon.

Remember that for the month of May, I’m offering a free PDF copy of the story for anyone who asks. All I’m asking in return is for the reader to write an honest Amazon and goodreads review (you can copy and paste your Amazon review into goodreads). Use the Contact page to let me know (your email will not be visible)


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Coming Soon from Starry Eyed Press: “The Fallen Shall Rise”


Promotional image for “The Fallen Shall Rise” by James Pyles

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This is a novella that was accepted for publication by Starry Eyed Press that I’m now able to talk about in more detail.

The tale takes place in a shared universe called the 224-Verse. My story “The Fallen Shall Rise” is set against a wider backdrop of galactic political intrigue and presents the mystery of why a civilization fell thousands of years ago.

An interview about my story conducted by the publishers will be forthcoming. In the meantime, here’s a small excerpt:

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“The Fallen Shall Rise” To Appear in the 224-Verse

Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda Galaxy captured with a Celestron cpc1100 from the Israeli Desert by Deddy Dayag 9 July 2019

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I now have permission to discuss a small novella that has recently been accepted by Starry Eyed Press for their 224-Verse series.

First, a little background from their 224-Verse page:

What is the 224-Verse?

The 224-Verse is an interconnected fictional universe set within the sprawling starscape of Galaxy NGC 224 – Andromeda.

In terms of sheer size, Andromeda is 220,000 lightyears across and is home to a trillion stars and roughly four-trillion planets.

So the “verse” is a shared set of stories set in the Andromeda galaxy, potentially over hundreds of thousands of years of time and 220,000 lightyears of space. But that’s not it.

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