My Short Story “Dollface” to be Published by Dragon Soul Press


Cover art for the Dragon Soul Press cyberpunk anthology “Surge”

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I am pleased to announce that Dragon Soul Press has accepted my novelette “Dollface” for their cyberpunk anthology Surge.

Here’s the description from the original submissions call:

These characters are trying to survive in a dystopia of advanced technologies. Living alongside Artificial Intelligence has its perks, but also many deadly downfalls.

Here’s a brief excerpt (Warning – the story is rated R, so there’s language and disturbing imagery):

“Why the slow up?” Dylan had been almost dragging her through the alley, but about halfway down, he started to shuffle. Turquoise and peach bled in from each end, but the alleyway’s center was shrouded in deep purple.

Old pipes steamed and leaked at turn wheel joints. Food cartons, broken kitchen mechs, and dog shit were only some of the litter. A cat stopped and stared at them five meters ahead and then vanished in the shadows.

Tetsuo tried to pull her hand away, but he clamped harder. “Let go.” She yanked but couldn’t break his grip. “My Procurer will have you fried for this, you lowball.” She was gritting her teeth and boosted herself for a few seconds, but he was still too strong.

The right cross smashed her against the alley wall, throwing the back of her head against unforgiving stone. She tried to scream, but his hands were around her throat. He kneed her in the gut and air exploded out of her lungs. Tetsuo was on her back, waste water and urine soaking into her clothes as he kicked her in the ribs.

She could taste blood in her mouth. One of her eyes hurt and she couldn’t open it. He kicked her again. Gruesome pain was followed by nausea. She was blacking out as he ripped her top off and clawed at her breasts, nails raking bloody grooves.

Look for “Surge” sometime in April 2022. More info as it comes.

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