Starting Today and through August 9th, download and read “Ice” for FREE!


Cover art for my fantasy novelette “Ice”

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This is it!!!

Read my fantasy novelette Ice for absolutely FREE starting today, August 5th. From today through the 9th, it’s a free ebook download from Amazon to your kindle device.

Here’s a “blurb”

At the end of human history the fire god had long since defeated the frost giants and the world became warm and without ice. As a jest, Surtur returned the Saurians to the globe and gave humanity a type of magic with which to guard their cities and ships.

Captain Ki-Moon Yong, master of the merchant sailing vessel the Star of Jindo is drawn into a mystery. A supply ship recently returned to Puerto Gallegos just long enough to take provisions, then flee for parts unknown. The lone sailor left behind commits suicide after Yong suggests they return to the bottom of the world to discover why.

Upon arriving at the continent of the South, one long devoid of cold and ice, they find that the ice is returning and that’s not all. A horror not known by person or beast for thousands of years is emerging from the past. Can the Star of Jindo survive the now perilous voyage back to the north including nightmarish ice storms and a lethal mutiny to warn a disbelieving world?

Scroll down to see my latest TikTok videos with me describing features about the book. Each day it’s available for free, I’ll add another video to this blog post so keep coming back for more insider info on how and why I wrote this book, including character insights and what the world would really look like in a world without ice.

Here’s the first video:


Get my fantasy novelette “Ice” as a free download from Amazon to your kindle starting on Friday, August 5th. Find the link at #ebook #amazon #kindle #fantasy #climatechange #magic #dinosaurs #antarctica #adventure #promotion

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As promised, here’s my second video installment about “Ice.”


Free download of my #fantasy novelette “Ice” from #Amazon to your #kindle from now through August 9th. Find the link at my blog #free #promo #promotion #ebook #indie #indieauthor

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Day three’s video.


Download mu #fantasy novelette Ice from #Amazon onto your #kindle from today until August 9th. Go to for more.

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Day four’s video


“ice” by James Pyles is a #free download from #Amazon to #kindle from now through Aug 9th. Go to for more.

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