New Four-Star Review of “Ice” on goodreads!


Cover art for my fantasy novelette “Ice”

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People are downloading and hopefully reading my fantasy novelette Ice from Amazon on their kindles. No new Amazon reviews yet, but there was a terrific one on goodreads I want to share. There are also a number of folks who have marked that they are reading “Ice” or it’s on their to-read list.

But first, the review:

Centuries before this story was written, a battle between fire and ice was waged. Humankind endured a world of fire after the fire Goddess Surtur, defeated the frost giant Ymir and for a long time the earth had no ice, for Antarctica lay at the bottom of the ocean.

But is the ice returning?

This is an exciting adventure like no other, with dramatic scenery and gripping personalities. Intricately plotted, gritty and well written with distinctive movie quality.

Despite involving goddesses, giants and mythical beings, this version of our own world seems all too real…

I love words like exciting adventure like no other and dramatic scenery and gripping personalities and Intricately plotted, gritty and well written with distinctive movie quality

Thanks to Anita Dawes for her very complementary review. I’m looking forward to readings others. Please support your indie authors and publishers.

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