Get “The Haunting of the Ginger’s Regret” for FREE!

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From today, December 8th through the 12th. these digital books from Starry Eyed Press are absolutely free for download onto your Kindle device:




They’re all set in the 224-verse including my novelette The Haunting of the Ginger’s Regret.

Kamadiin Naji is the pilot and owner of a newly purchased jump freighter called “Ginger’s Regret.” The name is as mysterious as the person he bought it from. But with an assassin on his trail, he needs a ship to disappear into a different part of the Andromeda galaxy and start a new life. But the “Regret” has a history. Fifty years ago, something terrible happened on board and the result is with Kam today. Hauling illegal cargo and trapped between pirates and a lethal bounty hunter, will the ghost haunting the “Regret” be Kam’s salvation or damnation?

Three great books absolutely free for download to your Kindle device right now and just in time for Christmas. Get them, read them, and don’t forget to leave reviews on Amazon and goodreads.


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