Ken in a Barbie World


PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda

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Okay, fine. I’m a “Ken” in a Barbie world. How did that happen? Darn Rochelle and her writing prompts, anyway.

“It’s not Rochelle, Grandpa. It’s me.”

“Dani, have you flipped? You can’t leave me like this.”

“I turn Grandpa into a Ken doll.”

“No! Don’t do that. You don’t understand. You’re only seven and your sister is two. If I’m a doll, who’s going to take care of you?”

“It’s only for a little while, Grandpa. But until you change back, we get to play with you. Now go and do the laundry.”

“In that thing? I hate pink.”

I wrote this for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ current January 20th writing challenge. The idea is to take the photo above and use it as a prompt to write a story no more than 100 words. My story is 99 words.

I have two young granddaughters so “pink,” “Barbie,” and “unicorns” are my “normal.” That said, the prompt sucked.

Oh, you know how parents and grandparents use their hand to play “spider” with little kids? I named mine “Frank” (it would take too long to explain why). My granddaughter Dani likes to turn Frank into things like eagles, baby chicks, tables, anything. That was the main motivation for today’s story.

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35 thoughts on “Ken in a Barbie World

  1. There are worse things than being turned into a Ken in a Barbie world. You could be a Ken in a Karen world, or a Karen in an even more confused one. Let us hope your granddaughters may be spared exposure to such confusions.


  2. Ha! That gal has a point, though, if laundry needs doing! 😉
    That said, I refuse to take responsibility for the color of that machine … 😉 My friends had gotten sick of me saying that my apartment does not have (not can have) a washer/dryer and that there’s no laundry facilities in my NYC building. So … they got me this. And now I can no longer say that I don’t have a washing machine … 😉


  3. We were watching a couple of little girls for the afternoon. I got out my old toys for them–a tea set, little dishes, etc. They actually had my husband wearing a fancy hat and enjoying a tea party with them. My manly man was having a great time 🙂


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