My Short Story “Fall of the Tower” Now Available in “One-Way Ticket”

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I’m happy to announce that the Starry Eyed Press science fiction anthology One-Way Ticket is now available in both Kindle and Paperback form at Amazon.

It contains my SciFi short story “Fall of the Tower.” Here’s a brief summary of the anthology:

Space, with its infinite possibilities, calls us to explore, but makes no promises of returning home for those brave or foolish enough to test its resolve.

Starry Eyed Press proudly presents One-Way Ticket, a collection of fourteen science fiction tales of action, adventure, suspense, mystery and terror. Follow hopeful explorers, observe new settlers and terraforming efforts, meet sentient planets, witness lethal attacks, and discover alien species beyond your wildest imagination.

While it may not be a guaranteed round trip, your ticket for adventure begins.

The concepts contained in my story are among some of my oldest and the characters and plot of the tale have changed pretty dramatically over the years. Here’s a summary of the current story:

Four planetary races lived for centuries as blood enemies. Then a new species called the Eshana were discovered on a distant moon. Linked with rarely occurring minds from one of the races, they are able to encompass mass numbers of people with a neurological field called the Arabika. Within the Arabika, all the races find peace with each other. The Eshana and their Priests have controlled that peace for decades. Then a fifth race is discovered in space who do not want the Arabika and interstellar war is the only alternative. The Priests join the four races into a warrior class to defend themselves but they are hiding a sinister secret. On board the warship Raeb, crippled by an enemy attack in a remote solar system, one of the “sensitives” Tianna who turned down the priesthood discovers the truth. Now it’s a race who will kill her first, the crew who have turned insane, the Priest Balem, or Tianna’s husband Daron at the command of the dying Eshana.

back coverI hope you’ll buy the anthology, read the tales and write an honest review.

Let me know what you think of “Fall of the Tower”.


2 thoughts on “My Short Story “Fall of the Tower” Now Available in “One-Way Ticket”

    • Adjusting my novel now although Anja says “Starry Eyed” is full and it couldn’t be published in 2023 (assuming they accept it). Bummer. Hope you like “Fall of the Tower.” Not so many characters.


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