Existential Hologram: A Science Fiction Anthology Available Now!


Promotional image of my short story “The Simulated Woman.”

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It’s here. Existential Hologram: A Science Fiction Anthology published by Starry Eyed Press is now available on Amazon. It features my cyberpunk short story “The Simulated Woman.” The anthology description is as follows:

Reality is an inescapable prison to all within yet it leaves its inhabitants with nearly no notion of what it is, how big it is, what it means or even whether or not it exists objectively or subjectively.

And yet, despite all of the mystery surrounding this most fundamental construct of existence, we’ve assembled twelve tales that manage to further blur the lines of sense of self, space and time, causality, necessity and possibility.

The following collection of science fiction treats reality as little more than opportunity to entertain, explore, question and conquer.

From simulation to cybernetics, artificial intelligence to avatars, Existential Hologram reminds us all that while consciousness may be the only certainty, entertainment is fuel for thought.

Featuring work from:

Andrew Paul Grell * Andria Kennedy * David Wesley Hill * Glenn Dungan * James Pyles * Jason Russell * Joan d’Arc * Lukasz Laskowski * Mark L. Anderson * Sam M. Phillips * Steven Lord

“The Simulated Woman” is the story of a twenty-six year old software developer named Kennedy Willow Ashe, her dog Jazz, and her attempt to develop a 3D interactive role playing game. But the further she gets into the program, the harder it is to distinguish fantasy from reality. Is Kennedy really the person she thinks she is?

Existential Hologram: A Science Fiction Anthology is available both as a hardcopy and for Kindle. Pick up your copy now and don’t forget to leave a review when you’re finished.

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