The Child Who Knew Everything

dani-11-14-16“I still say that particle theory is more viable because it predicts four dimensions, 3 spatial plus time.”

“Sid, be reasonable. Particle theory doesn’t predict the existence of a graviton but string theory does.”

Norman and Sid are old friends. They are also retired physicists and when they get together, they naturally debate over their passion.

“Ba, nu, gampa, gleg, *giggle*.”

I’ll say your granddaughter is really talkative today, Norman.”

Both men laughed.

“I wanted to give her parents a ‘date night’ and said I’d watch little Sophie.”

“She’s quite the cutie. How old now?”

“Just over sixteen months. The apple of my eye, Sid. But back to our conversation.”

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On a perfect morning when I have to take my grandkids to daycare, I have everything set up before they’re awake.

My son makes Landon’s green smoothie and Dani’s bottle before he leaves for work, so I don’t have to worry about forgetting to put probiotics or whatever in their breakfast.

Landon is easy. He’s seven-years-old and all I have to do is wake him up and make sure he’s rolling. Dani’s just 13-months-old and needs a lot more attention.

After I get Landon up and make sure he’s out of bed, I go to Dani’s bedroom. Most of the time, she wakes up and she’s crying to be let out of prison…uh, her crib. She looks so pathetic and adorable with tears in her eyes, even after I pick her up.

Sometimes, she’s still asleep and I have to gently wake her up by rubbing her back. Even when she wakes and starts crying, it takes her ten or fifteen minutes to become completely alert.

This morning, when I went into her room, she was awake and standing, but not crying at all. It was like she was just waiting for me.

I usually pick her up and start talking to her. I walk through the kitchen, making sure Landon’s at the table with his breakfast, then take her to the windows facing the back yard. This time of year, it’s still low light between six and six-thirty, and it’s easy on her eyes as we greet the morning together.

Sometimes she smiles, I’m not sure at what, as she looks outside.

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