“Finish the Story Challenge” from The Haunted Wordsmith Part 4 – The End


Image found at “The Haunted Wordsmith” blog – No photo credit given

Alright. Fandango over at This, That, and the Other picked up a writing challenge started by Teresa at The Haunted Wordsmith and continued by Cheryl at “The Bag Lady.” So Teresa started writing the story, then “tagged” Cheryl to continue it, who then tagged Fandango (real first name unknown) to continue it, and then he tagged me.

For the record, it’s been decades since I’ve eaten at “Greasy Macs” or any other fast food joint (with a few exceptions), and I’m no longer a fan. At first I thought I’d just blow off the challenge, but then I decided to twist it.


The rules for the challenge from the blog “The Haunted Wordsmith.”

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