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christmas in boise

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Sadje tagged me to continue (or in this case, finish) A Special Finish the Story Challenge for Nov started by “The Haunted Wordsmith.” Here’s the story as crafted by the various contributors.

Let’s start with Teresa:

Sounds of children’s laughter and joy floated down the stairs. Liam breathed deeply and smiled. Never more content in his life. All thanks to the penny in his hand.

“Don’t forget your change, sir,” she had said. Her smile ignited the flame he thought long dead. A brush of her hand against his, and he was hers.

The ladies in his life, in beautiful red holiday dresses, walked down the steps of the opera house still reveling in The Nutcracker.

“Did you like it, Daddy?” Alice grinned.

“Very much so.” He kissed Alice on the forehead, and held his wife’s hand.

The ringing of the Christmas bell called to the penny, and with a smile and tip of his hat, Liam dropped the penny into the kettle so that it may bring someone else as much love and joy as it had him.

“Thank you, sir and Merry Christmas.”


That evening as the Salvation Army Santa Claus emptied his kettle into the bank deposit box, he noticed one of the coins sparkled. He thought it was his tired eyes, playing a trick on him, but there it was, almost begging him to retrieve it. He hesitated only a second or two and then took the penny.
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“Finish the Story Challenge” from The Haunted Wordsmith Part 4 – The End


Image found at “The Haunted Wordsmith” blog – No photo credit given

Alright. Fandango over at This, That, and the Other picked up a writing challenge started by Teresa at The Haunted Wordsmith and continued by Cheryl at “The Bag Lady.” So Teresa started writing the story, then “tagged” Cheryl to continue it, who then tagged Fandango (real first name unknown) to continue it, and then he tagged me.

For the record, it’s been decades since I’ve eaten at “Greasy Macs” or any other fast food joint (with a few exceptions), and I’m no longer a fan. At first I thought I’d just blow off the challenge, but then I decided to twist it.


The rules for the challenge from the blog “The Haunted Wordsmith.”

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